A week since last log. Lots of ML work, little time for personal projects. It's Friday though and I've just created (yet another) new icon for Ariane:

Ariane, new icon


ML work day: basic client/server work today, nothing to report.

Öppen: Fixed history on Ariane, now only adds text/gemtext files to the runtime history. Increased the screen margins, and removed the reload menu option; reload now uses pull-to-refresh. Will add download option for unrecognised filestypes next and do a new minor release.

Also setup work laptop to start exploring Kotlin Native.


ML (employer initials) work: implementing a barcode scanner on Android. From iOS7 onwards it's built into the OS. On Android the 'native' way is to use MLKit (formerly Mobile Vision API) together with the new CameraX API. Four new Gradle dependencies, Play Store dependency for the machine learning model, manifest entries, runtime permissions handling, multiple callbacks.

A complete mess.


Back to work tomorrow. Thinking about tidying up non-work projects:

Ariane (Android Gemini browser) is solid and most important. Lots to do, but a good start and already the best experience on the platform.

Grä (Text editor). Needs renaming. Part way through a big refactor to simplify the code. Again, good foundation. Works well with Termux. Add support for Gemtext.

Lätt (Photo filters and film simulation). Crashes on Android 11 periodically. Ui needs reworking. Needs a better name too. Add support for exporting/importing LUTs.

New project: photo compression (Minska?). I've been using ImageMagick in Termux on Android to get photos down to 32k for upload to Flounder. A native Android utility would be useful.

Any other projects should be mothballed. Those 4 are enough to keep me busy.